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Brian Jeffrey
Still technically curious and nerd-like. I subscribe to the philosophy that if you can’t be handsome, be handy! Circa 2013.

I was born in 1940 as Brian Jeffrey, adopted as Brian Simon, and returned to my birth name, Jeffrey in the mid 60’s. I currently reside with my life-mate Lorraine in the country outside the village of Carp Ontario.

I think that being an only child had something to do with my developing a technical curiosity that stayed with me all my life. By age 10 I knew that I wanted to be involved with electronics. I got hooked on the magical world of radio and followed that path into the world of electronics, communications, and computers.

I left the National Research Council and Ferut in 1960 to take on my next life’s adventure which was spending three years in the Arctic on the Distant Early Warning Radar Line (DEWLine). I blazed a trail there by being the youngest technician to be sent North by the Federal Electric Company. I arrived at age 19 and had my 20th birthday at Hall Beach in the NWT, 120 miles inside the Arctic Circle.

When I left the DEWLine in 1963, I went to university for a short period before returning to being an electronics technician. Somewhere in the mid 60’s I graduated from being a service technician into technical sales where I spent most of the rest of my life in technical sales, sales management, and sales training. I still do sales management consulting to this day.

Now that I’m in my late 70’s I do less consulting and more volunteering. I’ve been a volunteer Tour Guide (docent) at the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum for over 20 years as well as volunteering on the phones at the Ottawa Distress Center where I’m also a Crisis Team Leader and trainer.

Through all these adventures, I’ve maintained a technical curiosity and still dabble in Amateur radio and delight in engaging in what I call “therapeutic dis-assembly” (the taking apart of things). Sometimes I even put them back together again.

For the interested (or totally bored) among you, you can check out my other web sites which are:

My business site, Quintarra Consulting Inc., (www.Quintarra.com)

My Amateur Radio site, (VE3UU.com.)

“Adventures from the Coldest Part of the Cold War,” (DEWLine.ca.)

The Amateur Radio station at Canada’s Cold War Museum, (VE3CWM.com.)

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