Internet References to Ferut, Manchester & Ferranti Mark 1, and Mark 1* computers.


Wikipedia listing for UTEC (University of Toronto Electronic Computer) and Ferut.
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Comprehensive article titled, “Ferut, Canada’s Electronic Computing Machine” by J. K. MacDonald and published in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada journal Vol. 49, No. 5, pages 176-184. Contains a detailed technical overview. | View article |

Recollections of Ferut by Keith Smille, University of Alberta.
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Recollections of Beatrice (Trixie) Worsley, the person who gave Ferut its name, by Keith Smillie, University of Alberta.
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PDF document on programming by Beatrice Worsley, co-author of the Ferut Transcode programming language. The article is titled: The Self-Consistent Field with Exchange for Neon by Ferut Program.”
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Prof. Patterson Hume’s IEEE Abstract titled, “Development of systems software for the Ferut computer at the University of Toronto, 1952 to 1955”. Prof. Hume was a professor at the University of Toronto, and a master of Massey College. There, he worked with Canada’s first electronic computer, Ferut, and developed tools to facilitate programming of it.
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C.I.P.A. (Canadian Information Productivity Awards) Hall of Fame listing for Prof. Patterson Hume.
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University of Waterloo obituary for Prof. Patterson Hume.
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PDF document from the American Mathematical Society, Mathematics of Computation journal referring to “Input and Organization of Sub-routines for Ferut.”
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University of Saskatchewan article on the remote long distance use of Ferut using CN/CP telegraph lines in 1955.
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The Ferut ERA, 1952-1955, chapter 3, from Scott M. Campbell’s thesis titled, “The Premise of Computer Science: Establishing Modern Computing at the University of Toronto (1945-1964).” You can view an abstract of Scott’s paper | here |.

Michael R. William’s article titled, “UTEC and Ferut: The University of Toronto’s Computation Centre” originally published in the IEEE annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 16, No. 2, 1994. | Outline here |

Manchester & Ferranti Mark 1

Wikipedia listing for the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM) the world’s first stored-program computer and the prototype for the Ferranti Mark 1.
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Wikipedia listing for Ferranti Mark 1 computer.
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The University of Manchester Celebrates the Birth of the Modern Computer (the computer that preceded the Ferranti Mark 1).
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The Manchester Universal Electronic Computer. Sales brochure.
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Photo and details of the Ferranti Mark 1 Console.
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Photo gallery of the Manchester Mark 1.
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Photo gallery of the Ferranti Mark 1.
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Photo gallery of the Replica BABY computer.
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Article on the “Inventors of the Modern Computer (the Mark 1 computer).
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Article on the Williams-Kilburn electrostatic storage system.
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Explanation of the workings of the Williams-Kilburn electrostatic storage device.
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Ferranti Photo Gallery Page showing pictures of all the Ferranti computers including the Mark 1 and Mark1* (Star).
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Ferranti Mark 1* (Mark 1 Star)

188 page PDF programming manual for the Mark 1* Computer.
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PDF document explaining the “Systems Architecture of the Ferranti Mark I and Mark I* computers.”
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PDF document outlining the “Deliveries of Ferranti Mark 1 and Mark 1 Star computers.”
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Other Resources

“Who Made the First Computer.” An excellent article by Chris Malcolm. | Read article |